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Thanksgiving Games for the Union Park Family Get Together!

November 21st, 2016

Union Park is designed to be a family-oriented  gated-neighborhood in Wesley Chapel that strives to keep the community connected. This Thanksgiving we thought it would be fun to try out some family-friendly games that will have your guests and the kids entertained. Check out our top picks for Thanksgiving games for your holiday gathering below!

The Feather Blow! Grab some fake turkey feathers from your local party shop. Hand one out to guests when it’s time for games. On the count of three have everyone blow their feather in the air and whoever keeps it up the longest is the winner! Simple, easy, fun and full of laughs!

Tail Feather Shake Down! This is hilarious and one of the most fun games to get everyone moving after a feast. Grab some tissue boxes and replace the tissues with crafting feathers. Tape a pair of panty hose to the box, so the tail feather shaker can tie the box around their waist, with the box on their backside. Now it’s time to shake those tail feathers! The player who shakes out their feathers first is the winner!

Corn Ball! This game requires two players on a team, two blindfolds, a cornucopia and some ears of corn (real or fake). Blindfold both players, have player one hold the cornucopia about ten feet away from player two. Player two must hike (football style) their corn into the cornucopia that player two is holding. Use a timer to see which team gets the most corn in the cornucopia! Players may talk to each other to direct their teammates! Corn, Set, Hike!

Pin the Feather on the Turkey! This is a holiday twist to a classic party game that is always fun for kids. Cut out a paper turkey, grab some feathers, add tape, blindfold the players and begin the fun! Whichever player gets their feather the closest to the turkey tail wins!

Have fun this Thanksgiving! Let us know how you celebrated your Thanksgiving this year on our Facebook!